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This dance site was created by dance lovers to share their love of dance with people of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced dancer, or a spectator you’ll enjoy exploring this site.

Explore different dance styles, read our blog, shop our store, or check out  dance resources to find studios, instructors, events, and helpful links.

When it comes to couples dance there are a variety of styles to choose. From the more traditional Ballroom dances to fun and energetic club dances like the Salsa there is something for everyone.

Browse the Dance Styles section to see dozens of dance styles from Ballroom dances to Argentine Tango and everything in between. Get immersed in your favorite dances and find new ones too! 


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Dance Resources

Our Favorite Shops & Dance Brands!
We told you we know a thing or two about dance. Let us introduce you to some of the most popular brands for dancers of all styles.
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Dance Studios
Search for Dance Studios in your area!
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Dance Instructors
Find a dance instructor near you! Browse our list of dance professionals in all styles of partner dances. See their profiles and get to know these talented instuctors to help you get on the dance floor with confidence!
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Dance Classes & Workshops
Whether you are just looking to work on your current dance skills or want to get started dancing without the full committment of a dance program. Jump in a class today! From local group classes to workshops from the top dance professionals in every style, find a dance class or workshop near you.
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Dance Competitions & Festivals
Do you want to test your dance skills against others or want to see the Pro's in action? Then check out our list of dance competitions across the country. Not interested in competing but want to escape for a dance week or weekend these festivals will be the best opportunities to get your dance on.
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