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The Ballroom Dances

The Ballroom Dances are broken down into two main styles. They are the globally danced International Standard and American Smooth which is predominately danced in the US & Canada. There are differences in not only the styling of the dances but also in some of the rules. Read below as we discuss more of those differences:

International Standard

American Smooth

Let’s discuss a few more differences that these two styles when compared with each other.┬áSome of the slight differences in the International Standard that can be seen versus the American Smooth style are:

  • Danced in Closed Position- American Smooth may choose to use Open positions or breakaway from their dance partners
  • Men in full tuxedos with tails- It is not unusual for a Smooth dancer to wear a vest
  • No lifts although exceptions may be made for show dances

International Standard Competition

American Smooth Competition

Awesome Showdance Performance! Must Watch!

Get To Know All The Ballroom Dances

Fox Trot

The Fox Trot in one of the most popular of all the Ballroom dances. With its classic timing that even the newest dancer can get on the dance floor.


Nothing says fairytale dances like the Waltz. Flowing and beautiful you'll love watching these dancers glide across the dance floor.


The Tango is romantic yet powerful dance. In Ballroom Dance competitions this dance differs from the Argentine Tango version in its styling and music.


Highly energetic and fun the Quickstep will get your heart pumping as you move across the floor.

Viennese Waltz

The Viennese Waltz has been danced for centuries. One of the first social dances in Europe its still danced today around the world.