Social Dancers New Favorite Non Dance- Dance Shoe

Every Social Dancer needs a pair of shoes that you can dance in without worrying about destroying your dance shoes when your not in the studio.

Sometimes you may find yourself at a dance meetup that can take place at a bar, restaurant, or event locations that just don’t have a dance floor or one that may be prone to spills and other shoe damaging hazards.

Well thank goodness the “The Dance Sock” company has decided to make these easy slip on covers in two types that work on both smooth and carpeted surfaces.

The slip on covers are designed to turn gym or athletic shoes into your very own dance shoes. Just imagine turning your favorite pair of running shoes into a dance shoe that you can be comfortable dancing in and not having the worry of ruining those stylish dance shoes of yours.


Not only are they are great option for social dance situations but use them in fitness dance classes like Zumba and more. Pivot safely while you twist and turn througn the dance like movements.

Great for dancers at group classes, workshops, or any other place where comfort is your first priority. Even a house party with carpeted floors!

The full sock will help you to turn and spin on carpeted floors. So even at home or while traveling there is no reason to not get a little dancing practice in.

Use the half sock for those smooth surfaces when your out and about as your new dance shoe alternative. 

The “Dance Sock” can be hand washed in cold water and drip dry to extend the life of your dance socks. Also make sure to clean off any damaging debris if the floor seems to have anything on it that may snag and tear at your socks. These will ensure that your get a longer life out of your dance socks and cuts down on the replacement of them.

The price is affordable enough that you can use these as an alternative to dance shoes if your a beginner on a budget still searching for a pair of dance shoes.

So go ahead and grab a pair today!


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